Victoria High School Alumni Association


  Article I:    
    All binding contracts representing the association should be reviewed by the Board of Directors and noted in the minutes.  
  Article II:    
    The association's Board of Directors is committed to maintaining your information and pledge to provide adequate backup and storage of the association's members data base. While we cannot promise perfection, we have security tools to safeguard the information. Succession of the backup and storage is reviewed by the association annually with board member's ownership and storage stated in the minutes.  
  Article III:    
    Member information belongs to the association that is acted upon by the Board of Directors. It is not the practice of the Board of Directors to share members data with outside sources. Any change/use of member's data is to be noted in the board minutes with approval of the Board.  
  Article IV:    
    Guest provisions are to be adhered to for all sponsored activities. Grand Marshall and Hall of Fame honorees will be granted complimentary banquet attendance for honoree plus one guest.  
    Special guests provision for Grand Marshall or Hall of Fame honorees will be reviewed by the Board of Directors with primary consideration going to VHS alumni attendance. Board will review and note in minutes the final approval of guests annually.  
  Article V:    
    It is to be understood that all activities sponsored/supported by the association are presented with the attendees liability. The association as well as the Board of Directors are not liable for any injury/accident/arrest associated with sponsored activites.  
  Revised: January 2019